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Community Spotlight: Charisa Munroe-Wilborn

Updated: May 27

As a teenager, Charisa Munroe-Wilborn, daughter of Dr Myles and Ruth Munroe, could not have imagined she would be the happily married mother and coaching and facilitating a leadership course called Unlocking Your Potential. But as of January 15, that is what she was doing at The Munroe Institute of Leadership.

Instead, Charisa knew very early on that she was purposed to help people. So, as an undergraduate student eager to answer this call and fresh out of high school, Charisa took the pre-medical track. Thus, began her personal journey of transformation, through her career and subsequent life choices.

In her junior year as a pre-medical student at Oral Roberts University, Charisa made the decision to help people through Social Work, a career that officially started for her at the tender age of 23.

After earning her Master's Degree in Social Work at the University of Michigan, Charisa got to work helping people. In an interview with The Munroe Institute of Leadership, Charisa said the biggest reward for her was seeing the smile on a person’s face as they left her office with a transformed mind.

“My biggest reward was patients coming into my office slumped down and sad and then when they leave, they’re happy and confident. No amount of money can give you that. I loved that in social work, and I loved that I had that skill,” Charisa said.

“I was one of those social workers who was very empowering. So, I don’t just give my patients the answers, I actually help them do it themselves, so eventually they don’t need me. If anything, I’m just there to guide, help and support them.”

However, after more than 15 years in the field, Charisa felt she was destined for an even greater purpose, to help more people, but she was unsure on how to make the shift.

In reflecting on her teenage years in school, playing sports and gaining high school achievements, Charisa realized those things were possible because she had trainers, facilitators and coaches along the way to strengthen the gifts that were on the inside of her. It was from this revelation that she recognized that approach is what she needed.

“I knew that I was meant for more, but where do I need to go from here? I recognized that I needed more information, but I also needed to increase my level of skill, increase my knowledge of systems and programming. So, I got myself a coach or two or three and it changed my entire life” 

“That's when I said: Man, if I can help people the same way, because I've gone through it, I'll be an even greater leader.

“My dad says, leaders are tested, and don't trust a leader that hasn't been tested.”

Charisa understood that to be a coach, you’d have to have gone through some stuff and be on your own transformational journey.

She realized her gift for helping people had developed and metamorphed into something that could no longer be confined in the bounds of a social worker; a regulated profession with its own rules, laws and requirements for participation.

In an effort to build on this gift, Charisa got her certification as a transformational life coach and facilitator. 

“As a coach, I'm able to actually help people directly, but then as a facilitator, I'm able to organize and host transformational events, which is what I’ve been doing and it’s been amazing,” Charisa said.

“I say transformation in front of everything, because I can be inspirational, I can be motivational and I have been all those things. But I have elevated to transformation, because I enjoy the deep work.

“I enjoy helping people navigate through the deep work that is needed for personal development, for them to see the increase they want in other areas of their lives.”

That switch led Charisa to reach and help even more people, through her brand Charisa LLC. Through her brand, Charisa hosts transformational coaching through seminars, retreats, conferences, training, presentations, workshops and more to encourage positive lifestyle changes.

Throughout her journey, Charisa has also gained a special appreciation and value for family and personal growth, while finding balance through travel and quality time with her loved ones.

“Family is always first and then family is always going to be what I go back to, So I make sure my family is good. I do work. And then I go back to my family.

“When I'm not helping the world, I am raising my child and building a legacy in my child, or making sure that my home and marriage are percolating.”

The greatest mentorship and guidance given to Charisa has come through principles instilled in her through her parents, Dr Myles and Ruth Munroe, which she has continued to demonstrate through her professional and personal life.

“Even though they're no longer here, they have shown me enough to still be the standard for me.”

Recently, Charisa was able to further expand how she helps people, as an educational coach at The Munroe Institute of Leadership.

Since  January, Charisa has guided, facilitated, trained and coached learners through a transformational leadership journey, in the Unlocking Your Potential course, which she said has taught her a lot.

“When the title of course coach came in my lap and they told me what my role was, I was all over it. I was so excited,” Charisa said.

“I was excited, because I get to do more of what I like to do on this platform. So, when I say I enjoyed being a course coach for the students in potential, I enjoyed it, I enjoyed it!

“All we're doing is providing another container for you to realize that your opportunities and possibilities are greater than you can even think or imagine. 

“One of my students, in her action plan, said in essence, that she was thinking one way, then she had a call with me and started thinking much bigger . 

“Let me tell you something, as a course coach, you can’t tell me nothing. I was so proud. I was so proud. So proud. Yeah, this is the work I do. And this is why I do it.”

As a community driven individual, Charisa enjoyed working with a team of other passionate like-minded leaders through her work with the institute. And through these experiences, Charisa has learned to embrace her authenticity as a coach in this space while enjoying teamwork and autonomy in her role.

“I enjoyed working with a team, I had a great course assistant. We worked well together. I also enjoyed the three months of training we went through even before the course started. I didn’t feel that I was being micromanaged, loved it. I love the fact that I was able to be myself as the course coach; I didn't have to follow anybody's blueprint of what that looks like.”

The Munroe Institute of Leadership is an educational institute, based in The Bahamas that offers various leadership courses based on the teachings of the late Dr. Myles Munroe. Current courses include Discover Your Purpose and Unlocking Your Potential, with additional courses and programmes planned for future release.

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