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  • TRUTH: We hold absolute truth as a core component of our organizational structure and course design. We anchor in Biblical, divinely inspired words as absolute truth & wisdom.

  • PEOPLE FIRST: We center humanization & belonging as a guiding principle. We believe that the humanity (individuality, purpose & potential) of each individual must remain at the core of all of our teachings & practices, and we must cultivate spaces where everyone can sense they belong.

  • DIVINE IDENTITY. We nurture identity as a foundational feature. We believe that identity in the personal and corporate capacity should drive vision and understanding. Our corporate collective purpose is made of many individual purposes. We each have what the other needs, and possessing self-awareness and conscientiousness is more than half the battle.

  • INNATE WORTH: We promote the truth of each person’s intrinsic & inherent value. We believe that all of Creation possesses inherent value in their unique, predestined design and purpose. We also believe that the potential intrinsic future value of people and all of creation must always be honored and considered.

  • TIME AS A GIFT: We Honor time as a gift and therefore as a resource, responsibility and opportunity. We believe that time is a precious resource that must be managed, valued, and respected. We also believe that time must be approached with an attitude of responsibility and care.

  • EMPOWERMENT: We champion access & opportunity. We believe that people are inherently powerful and empowered and that it is the job of systems and those that lead them to bridge power with access. We seek to cultivate inclusive communities of access and expand each learner's scope of opportunity.

  • EXPERIENTIAL: We prioritize experiential engagement & assessments. We believe that engagement and assessment must prioritize application and real-world learning.

  • FIRM FOUNDATION: We are built on a bedrock of support, “no man is an island.”. We believe that support is essential and that support should be sought out on a lateral (peer<-->peer), horizontal (mentee <-->mentor) and internal (self-reflection) basis. Support and community are an integral part of true learning and retention. We also believe that supportive communities are also inclusive and promote belonging.


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